Artworks > 2012 > Waterfall

8x4.5m Plastics,Steel

I was invited to participate in an exhibition project in Amsterdam, the name of the installation I produced was titled 'Waterfall' . The theme of the exhibition was 'recyclable theory (Sustainism)', so all exhibited art works were made from 'second-hand materials'. 'Waterfall' uses discarded plastic bottles, which can be reused in our living environment and can then be turned into art. In order to increase the participation of the audience, they were told they could bring three or more bottles instead of the €5 entrance fee. All of these bottles brought in by the audience would be added to the piece in the 'Waterfall' exhibit, so the art work was created both by the audience and I. The artwork is meant to remind people to be aware of environmental protection through the shocking transformation of natural –Waterfalls into a discarded plastic waterfall emerging from a bucket.